About the Museum

The new Don & Barbara Smith Children’s Museum, Kids Square, is a space in downtown Roanoke located on the third floor inside of the Center in the Square. This fun museum is geared towards children ages 10 and under. The exhibits encourage play, education and gross motor skills that are important for the development of children in this age range. Children over the age of 10, yes that includes adults, will enjoy our interactive exhibit and other areas within the Kids Square as well!

Let your child’s magic run free with our carefully selected exhibits that are geared toward learning through play and discovery! Exhibits include:

  • THE TOWN: Approximately 4,000 of the 15,000square feet of the museum is a miniature real-life town. Each space is designed as a different miniature version of real businesses. Currently; Hometown Bank, Kroger, COX Communications, Carilion Children’s, Roanoke Catholic School, BlueRidge Dental, Miracle Ear, Cave Spring VeterinaryClinic and Grand Home Furnishings are all located in our little town.

  • THE FOREST: Tree forts, a rock climbing wall, log tunnels and slides, are just a few of the active opportunities children will be able to enjoy. Also included in this area is a camping exhibit complete with a kid sized RV camper along with a tent and a camp fire! Look out for the hobbit house…hidden within the trees!

  • THE THEATER: This space will include a stage with costumes and props, kid controlled stage lighting, a lighted vanity and a puppet theater. The stage will also give our beneficiary organizations an opportunity to do pop-up performances or gather together as a group.

  • BUILDING ZONE: Families will come together to build a ball run, magnet maze or simply build their own structures with many different materials including; blocks, Lincoln Logs and more. {This is a traveling exhibit and may change periodically.}

  • SENSORY COVE: This area was designed specifically for children that have sensory challenges, although a child at any age or development level will be able to enjoy this space.Cause and effect lighting, tactile walls, fun mirrors and a fish aquarium will be highlighted in this area.

  • THE DIG PIT: Kids can enjoy pretending to dig in our kid friendly mess-free pit!

  • CLASSROOMS: Programming space for educators to utilize when visiting the museum.

Meet Our Staff

Felicia Branham

Felicia Branham


Felicia is an educator that has been creating programing and designing spaces specifically for children since 2005. She has received local and regional awards for character and partnering in the community. It is her personal passion to educate and believes there is nothing more rewarding than children learning through hands­ on play. She is excited to be a part of the design, creation, and operation of the brand-new Kids Square museum.

Veronika Geier

Veronika Geier


Veronika is born and raised in Germany. She received two degrees in Early Childhood Education and moved to the United States in 1998. She uses her creativity to educate and teach in preschools and afterschool programs since she graduated in 1987. With two children, Veronika is very passionate and excited to be a part of creating the exhibits and educational programming for Kids Square.

Debbie Quirin

Debbie Quirin

Visitor Services Coordinator

Capitalizing on 5+ years experience in the non-profit community, Debbie excels at communication, marketing and sales. 

In addition to these strengths, she prides herself on developing relationships with guests and members. Debbie plans to utilize Kids Square to its fullest potential. Contact Debbie to book a party with our museum. She the mother of four children and has five wonderful grandchildren.